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Game Plan

I have decided once and for all, an MBA is for me. I am going to give it serious prep and push myself to all extreme levels to attain an MBA from any of the top ten B schools in India or atleast the top 20 in the U.S. The colleges I have shortlisted are in the following order:

Kellog school of business management
MIT Sloan college
UCB Haas College
ISB Hyderabad
S.P Jain --> Dubai, Singapore and Bombay

Did I forget to mention the IIM's, Jamnalal Bajaj, Harvard, Wharton e.t.c. Most of you might say that "oh! what a kidder I am?" but I aint kidding anymore. I am just a wastrel. I was kidding myself all the time that I could make it to the top without lifting a finger. But not anymore, tomorrow I begin a new leash of my life and ensure that patience (I truly lack) kicks in and eventually accomplish all my goals. What my goals are???? you ask. If I tell you I would have to kill you. On a serious note and an ode to the Rocky series, "I am a fighter and that's all…

Things To Do

Like the song New York New York!!!It is seriously one of the best cities I have been to. I wasn't able to get most of the sights and sounds but will probably do so over the weekend. I am currently put up in New Jersey. We call Bangalore a green city then New Jersey should just be called green. It's seriously is awesome over here. The infrastructure of America is extremely impressive. Maybe at times americans tend to be overbearing but at the end of the day they aren't at the top for nothing. They have made me a serious believer in their capabilities. I think India can also progress to this level if not for our corrupt politicians and business personalities. I try my best in doing what I can for my country but my best never seems to be good enough. You asking me what I do for my country?? I try to walk to office atleast twice a week cutting down on the pollution and in the process save a little on fuel costs and healthy in most ways. I try to cut down on plastic usage and e…

Winning Strategem

To most of us, people like Roger Federer, the Australian cricket team, the Brazilian football team, Tiger Woods e.t.c seem to bore the wits out of us by always winning every tournament they play in. Of course there are a few occasional hiccups once in a blue moon, but at the end of the day these people keep standing tall. In a way I am impressed by these individuals. Winning is a difficult task but winning all the time is almost like finding the holy grail or noah's ark. I keep wondering as to how these people never get into a mental decadence. What could be behind these people winning all the time? Is it a strategy. If it is a strategy which these people always go into every game, do they keep changing it based on the opponents or the surrounding conditions or even both or even something a dodo like me cannot comprehend. These people are like the commanders depicted in Sun Tzu's book "The Art of War". They have the dedication, courage, pride, focus and decision maki…

Igniting Lost Dreams

There are times when one needs to reignite their passion. Their lust to accomplish something in life. Passion is interdependent on various factors which includes sugar, spice and everything nice (just kidding). We must look forward to accomplishing something big in our lives or make a difference out there. I am leaving this article incomplete for now..........

ASP.NET security

ASP.NET security is easy to understand once one has completed the basics in ASP.NET. All the security features can be handled in the Web.Config file. There are three types of authentication:-1) Forms : For enabling forms based authentication, you need to first go to the IIS virtual directory folder of your web applicatio0n and check the Anonymous Access. Once this is done set the authentication mode to Forms in the following manner in the web.config &ltauthentication mode="forms"&gt(Note:One crucial thing that needs to be mentioned here is that the web.config file data is case
sensitive.)Then the child node needs to added to this in the following manner-&ltforms loginUrl="" path="" timeout="" protection=""&gt
The loginUrl tells the Web application the location where the user needs to be redirected to in case he/she is not authenticated. Lets consider an example in this case. We have a user x trying to access a page lookup…

Being the Bully

Bullies!!! Who want's them around??? Sometimes life itself can be the biggest bully. You tend to face severe trials and tribulations at every step and still try to keep some time in indulging in childhood fantasies. A lot of things have been creeping me out in the recent past. I am as pessimistic as ever about my chances out there in the real world. I feel better encapsulating myself from the melancholy of life and hide in my shell. My shell is the imagination and fantasies I have the power to create. The best thing about imagination is the ability to be in control of everything that surrounds you. Maybe life can bully me around but in my dreams I can hoodwink life as it is. Three cheers to my imagination. Hip Hip Hurrah!!!!

Aerosmith + Leela

I recently was at the Aerosmith concert with my bro Atreya in Bangalore. A pretty decent crowd did turn up at the end but I am tellin ya the place was not jam packed as it oughta have been. Pretty fiery performance by the group headed by the whacky Steven Tyler, and with guys like Tom Hamilton and Joe f**kin Perry belting it on the guitar like beavers goin at a piece of wood, this surely became one night to remember. I would'nt classify myself as an Aerosmith fan, but I do like some of their songs such as Crazy, Jaded etc. They did the gig with elan and finesse like what most professional rock shows are like. Well it momentarily took me away from the drudgery at the office place. I had dinner the other day at the Leela Palace and it turns out that this is the place where celebrities hang out. Met Narayan Murthy (CEO-Infosys) and his family. And a Kannada film actress who most people were going ga ga about. Thats how my week went by. Keep you posted on more happenings soon.

The Trial Of Oscar Schindler

Schindler's list, an epic movie both in terms of cinematography and in various other aspects alas tends to push the audience into the perspective that there are people in this world with a heart of gold. There are definitely situations where a person tends to help another, but to what extent depends on one's behavior. People change everyday under various circumstances. There might not be drastic changes but there is always a change. Now the change personified in Oscar dwells deep into the human psyche. He knew at the very beginning that he was going to make a killing during the world war. He was a womanizer; a chauvinist pig who thinks that everything revolves around him (reminds me of someone I know). His wife knew this from the beginning and decides to keep their family life a mile apart from Oscar’s life in more than an literal sense. Now at a particular stage, Oscar seems to have achieved human compassion only after he watches his people’s atrocities against the Jews. Jews…

Nightmare on Helm's Street

Man!!! Hellofa week for me. My dog Shinto (one of my best friends on this planet) was diagnosed with cancer. Just imagine how it feels to bear immense amounts of pain and tell no one about it. That's how my pal, a part of my familia is going through now. And I cant do a goddam thing about it. Going through all the best times I spent with that boy, I just cant imagine losing him without a fight. All the doctors advise that the best thing to do is to put my friend out of his misery. I cant bear taking that decision, though it will most definitely be a cumulative one with my family being involved in it. Another crappy thing is that this bangalore weather is not doing my skin any favors. I cant stop staring at the mirror to check out any blemishes or dark spots. This is what I have been reduced to --> a beautician trying to rectify his own beauty. I started using a lot of skin products in the recent past, but it seems to be doing my skin more harm than good. Well the best thing goi…

Mogambo Khush Hua!!!

Mogambo --> a typical Hindi film villain whose dreams of world domination is ended with his humiliating defeat at the hands of a hero wannabe. Many of us day dream about saving the world someday, from what?? you may ask. Well in modern times it could be to bring in more culture to the rustic parts of the world, chanting slogans and holding up posters to support a worthy cause, or even maybe to become highly skilled martial artists and go around major cities protecting the weak and the innocent. Maybe we could also start preparing ourselves to evade the attack from the alien forces of plant JAROCXA in the galaxy BORUAGFF 76 light years from the milky way. Or we could invent arithmetic formula's to help the earth not get sucked into a black hole created by a time portal in the year 5678. Heh Heh!!!! who is kidding whom? I dont think our planet can survive even up to 2040. The biggest problem is we do not respect our planet and treat it like dirt from the get go. This is humilia…

Iron in my veins

I seem to ironically have more iron in my body than other vital stuff causing an iron overload. The funny thing is that I cannot pump iron like I once used to (due to a back problem). Funny as it may seem, I keep landing up in the same spot over and over again resulting in a backlash which seems to be almost like fastforwarding a video tape. Today saw the crushing of Australia's dominance over the game called Cricket. Even though I am not a cricket fan, it was extremely boring to watch a country totally dominating a game like Australia has with cricket. I just got vetoed off my project and have been put onto another one in my organization. They like the concept of being shanghaied on the same goddamn thing over and over again. I wish I were in a shipwreck at times. Oh!! my brother Ganchu has exams and as usual he does not seem to be giving 100% to his studies. I pray and hope that this boy suprises me and the rest of the family in his results. I just seem to be heading to no man&…

Reality vs Virtual Reality

Reality is that what lies ahead of you and is in plain sight of everyone to see. Virtual Reality is something that you visualize and would like to establish as reality. I seem to have a problem distinguishing between the two nowadays. My mind seem to be captivated more towards Virtual Reality then Reality. This is a problem with most dreamers. We dreamers believe in escapism rather than reality. I seem to have these weird dreams nowadys. I believe that I am a greater personality than what I am currently existing as. Is this some split personality problem which might lead to serious repercussions later??? I believe not (or atleast I pray that this will never happen). I just seem to be rambling on about this but let me ask you all a question --> Dont you wish you existed in your dreams rather than reality?? Ponder over this with a head with no worries.


Wheww!!!!!!!! I am back after a month's hiatus. I just cant help but write about this extremely funny incident that happened to me yesterday. I just got back to Bangalore from my home town and I caught a public bus to the place where I stay. Have you ever wondered how those contortionists perform in a circus. Well, I have the answer to that. They must have used the public transport in India. Seriously, I came out of the journey with more joints twisted than any snake could actually accomplish. I got onto the last bus from the bus stand and luckily or unluckily it was going towards my area. When I got onto the bus, it was okay I guess by certain standards i.e. there was breathing space. But as the time accumulated (in seconds) there seemed to be more people in one piece of area than in any other place on this planet. I even knocked a lady down(by mistake of course) when I was on the bus. Sorry lady!!!! I dont think you will ever read this blog of mine, but if you do, I apologise fr…