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Wheww!!!!!!!! I am back after a month's hiatus. I just cant help but write about this extremely funny incident that happened to me yesterday. I just got back to Bangalore from my home town and I caught a public bus to the place where I stay. Have you ever wondered how those contortionists perform in a circus. Well, I have the answer to that. They must have used the public transport in India. Seriously, I came out of the journey with more joints twisted than any snake could actually accomplish. I got onto the last bus from the bus stand and luckily or unluckily it was going towards my area. When I got onto the bus, it was okay I guess by certain standards i.e. there was breathing space. But as the time accumulated (in seconds) there seemed to be more people in one piece of area than in any other place on this planet. I even knocked a lady down(by mistake of course) when I was on the bus. Sorry lady!!!! I dont think you will ever read this blog of mine, but if you do, I apologise fr…