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Iron in my veins

I seem to ironically have more iron in my body than other vital stuff causing an iron overload. The funny thing is that I cannot pump iron like I once used to (due to a back problem). Funny as it may seem, I keep landing up in the same spot over and over again resulting in a backlash which seems to be almost like fastforwarding a video tape. Today saw the crushing of Australia's dominance over the game called Cricket. Even though I am not a cricket fan, it was extremely boring to watch a country totally dominating a game like Australia has with cricket. I just got vetoed off my project and have been put onto another one in my organization. They like the concept of being shanghaied on the same goddamn thing over and over again. I wish I were in a shipwreck at times. Oh!! my brother Ganchu has exams and as usual he does not seem to be giving 100% to his studies. I pray and hope that this boy suprises me and the rest of the family in his results. I just seem to be heading to no man&…

Reality vs Virtual Reality

Reality is that what lies ahead of you and is in plain sight of everyone to see. Virtual Reality is something that you visualize and would like to establish as reality. I seem to have a problem distinguishing between the two nowadays. My mind seem to be captivated more towards Virtual Reality then Reality. This is a problem with most dreamers. We dreamers believe in escapism rather than reality. I seem to have these weird dreams nowadys. I believe that I am a greater personality than what I am currently existing as. Is this some split personality problem which might lead to serious repercussions later??? I believe not (or atleast I pray that this will never happen). I just seem to be rambling on about this but let me ask you all a question --> Dont you wish you existed in your dreams rather than reality?? Ponder over this with a head with no worries.