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The Trial Of Oscar Schindler

Schindler's list, an epic movie both in terms of cinematography and in various other aspects alas tends to push the audience into the perspective that there are people in this world with a heart of gold. There are definitely situations where a person tends to help another, but to what extent depends on one's behavior. People change everyday under various circumstances. There might not be drastic changes but there is always a change. Now the change personified in Oscar dwells deep into the human psyche. He knew at the very beginning that he was going to make a killing during the world war. He was a womanizer; a chauvinist pig who thinks that everything revolves around him (reminds me of someone I know). His wife knew this from the beginning and decides to keep their family life a mile apart from Oscar’s life in more than an literal sense. Now at a particular stage, Oscar seems to have achieved human compassion only after he watches his people’s atrocities against the Jews. Jews…