Winning Strategem

To most of us, people like Roger Federer, the Australian cricket team, the Brazilian football team, Tiger Woods e.t.c seem to bore the wits out of us by always winning every tournament they play in. Of course there are a few occasional hiccups once in a blue moon, but at the end of the day these people keep standing tall. In a way I am impressed by these individuals. Winning is a difficult task but winning all the time is almost like finding the holy grail or noah's ark. I keep wondering as to how these people never get into a mental decadence. What could be behind these people winning all the time? Is it a strategy. If it is a strategy which these people always go into every game, do they keep changing it based on the opponents or the surrounding conditions or even both or even something a dodo like me cannot comprehend. These people are like the commanders depicted in Sun Tzu's book "The Art of War". They have the dedication, courage, pride, focus and decision making skills that would make all of us jealous. Eventually curiosity did kill the cat but would'nt it be great to know how to attain this and create a strategem of our very own. I wonder!!!!!!!


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