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Things To Do

Like the song New York New York!!!It is seriously one of the best cities I have been to. I wasn't able to get most of the sights and sounds but will probably do so over the weekend. I am currently put up in New Jersey. We call Bangalore a green city then New Jersey should just be called green. It's seriously is awesome over here. The infrastructure of America is extremely impressive. Maybe at times americans tend to be overbearing but at the end of the day they aren't at the top for nothing. They have made me a serious believer in their capabilities. I think India can also progress to this level if not for our corrupt politicians and business personalities. I try my best in doing what I can for my country but my best never seems to be good enough. You asking me what I do for my country?? I try to walk to office atleast twice a week cutting down on the pollution and in the process save a little on fuel costs and healthy in most ways. I try to cut down on plastic usage and e…