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The year that passed me by

Well 2008 did not turn out to be the roller coaster ride I expected it to be. Here is the list of stuff that happened this year:

1. First and foremost, I royally jacked my GMAT exam (Of course I will be taking it up again but I should have gone in with more prep rather than confidence).
2. I seem to be making a meager living working in my current company. I should have taken up the job offers I was given by other companies (screwed this one up!!!)
3. I am shaping out to be a fat blob. I have not been exercising regularly and have become a bit lazier than usual.
4. The recession has not done me any good. The catastrophic problems that have literally brought the U.S economy to a brink of rapid disintegration has in deed made a gaping dent in my pocket.
5. CAT was a cinch, I should have improved my math speed and I might have just made it into an IIM. I definitely believe that I haven't crossed the cut off in Math. Any takers on this one???
6. Family life for me is getting complicated and …

Socialization of a muddled personality

In the recent past, my socialization skills has been wanting. Its not that I am an introvert who claims to be an extrovert nor am I the vice versa. The fact of the matter is that I perceive myself to be someone who is inbetween these two extremes. Bu why is it that I have defined boundaries? Why is it a human tendency to restrict oneself with a barricade developed more in terms of a mental capacity than one in the physical realm? If I had the answers to these I would most definitely not be asking them now. Does society have space for genuine misfits like me who try to focus on self made rules and tend to be critical towards those made by others? That's a question time will certainly tell.
Check out this must watch video:

"Good morning, good evening and good night!! my fellow netizens of the world!".

Ajaxify ASP.NET 2.0 apps with AJAX 1.0

Recently started using the AJAX 1.0 framework for building web apps with ASP.NET 2.0. Amazingly simple and easy to use. The AJAX framework consists of very few controls. The most important of which is the Script Manager, Update Panel and Update Progress controls. Now after installing the framework, all I had to do was place the Script Manager control on the webform. The script manager is the control which registers the client side scripts for ajaxifying the web app i.e. instantiates the XMLHTTP activex object and collectively gathers response when the ready state is successfull(4). It also performs the partial page rendering on the respective page. After placing the script manager on the web page, drag and drop the update panel control onto your web page. Any server controls that require asynchronous postbacks to occur, must be placed within the update panel. Also ensure that the page attribute EnableEventValidation property is set to false.Walaah, your webpage with Ajax is done. The …

Service Oriented Architecture

With modern day technologies getting outdated the minute they see the light, service oriented architecture is the key to the future. Why services you ask me?? Plug and Play is the answer and it is as simple as that. I realized the necessity of utilizing service oriented architecture in our day to day lives. With the expansion and increasing utilization of the internet, web based technologies are growing at a rapid rate. Certain amazing stuff have come out of the stables of Google (an awesome company), Yahoo (not too far away), Microsoft (things seem to be getting only better at the Redmond center) etc.

I just came up with an Idea for a purely service oriented software which can be used across domains but for sales and marketing. I will start writing a whitepaper on
this pretty soon. And just started brushing up on my math basics (good ol' MBA prep). I probably will write my GMAT in May 2008 and might even give CAT a shot. I will join a course in Jan 2008 for CAT. Keeping my fingers…