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David vs Goliath

This is an article I wrote a long time ago. It resurfaced when I was searching my hard disk for something. Well here it is:

Many people believe that great things are possible to accomplish only if it is written in their destiny. These people are the one’s who give pessimism a bad name. Being pessimistic at times is good but too much of it is also a detrimental factor bringing one’s world as you know it to a complete stop. But this is not what this article is about. This article is about the small companies against the big companies. Many people have expressed their views on this topic before, but I would like to give a whole new dimension to this. Bill Gates did not start a multi billion dollar corporation by twirling his fingers in a magical fashion. It was hard work and dedication all the way. He also had this innate ability to read a person’s mind which is the primary quality of any successful businessman. After bringing Microsoft to the top of the IT industry, he is trying to keep …