David vs Goliath

This is an article I wrote a long time ago. It resurfaced when I was searching my hard disk for something. Well here it is:

Many people believe that great things are possible to accomplish only if it is written in their destiny. These people are the one’s who give pessimism a bad name. Being pessimistic at times is good but too much of it is also a detrimental factor bringing one’s world as you know it to a complete stop. But this is not what this article is about. This article is about the small companies against the big companies. Many people have expressed their views on this topic before, but I would like to give a whole new dimension to this. Bill Gates did not start a multi billion dollar corporation by twirling his fingers in a magical fashion. It was hard work and dedication all the way. He also had this innate ability to read a person’s mind which is the primary quality of any successful businessman. After bringing Microsoft to the top of the IT industry, he is trying to keep it afloat by buying out small and upcoming software companies. A few people like Narayan Murthy were able to resist the tempting offer made by Microsoft in the past but for how long?????? Almost all the MNC’s over the world have this strategy. It is an inevitable factor that the strong predator always survives by preying on the weak. To overcome this, the weak prey must capitalize on its strength and take the weakness of the strong predator into consideration. This is exactly what some small companies have been able to accomplish. The list is endless but some of the notable companies in the list are Pixar, American Healthways, CTS, Dendrite and Aztec. All these companies are a cut above the rest. These companies have dynamic, intelligent and hard working individuals working for them. And under the able leadership of accomplished people there seems to be no stopping them. However we must not neglect the jealousy of the multinational companies who seem to linger about just when another successful venture comes to a close. Many small companies have this idea that going into a partnership with a big company will ensure their immortality. This is not always true. It could turn out to prove disadvantageous and very costly at the end of the day. Here is a list of tips which I feel would be useful to small companies all over the world. Everything and anything is based on arithmetic. So a lot of calculation and planning must go into the construction of a strong base. Then there comes the obvious need of a leader who is wise, credible, benevolent, well disciplined and courageous. The leader must be able to overcome any obstacle or at least provide a workaround for it. Then comes the people who work for the organization and who usually play the lead role in the success of an organization. Every successful company should have a bunch of people who would ensure that their company is in a strong position even in the face of adversity. With every trial and tribulation, a company undergoes, a lesson must be learnt and taught so as to not err in the future again. Attack the MNC’s on its own ground. If you take the surprise from the enemy, half the battle is won. Like in the story of David and Goliath, the gigantic Goliath could not suppress his emotions when he saw a skinny lad like David come to the battlefield. But David was well prepared for Goliath and with a well aimed throw using his trusty catapult, David felled the giant Goliath and won the war for his side. The moral of the story is “Big Companies watch out coz we are coming to get you!!!!!”


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