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Is Google making us stupid????

Man oh man, I wish the answer to this question would be in the negative but this is reality. How many of us so called techies do not use google in our day to day lives. I am sure the engineers at google themselves pride over the fact that they use their monster creation for day to day activities. After Google has come into our midst, it has left us in shambles. For example, even when I come across a simple error, I lookup google without even blinking an eye or giving my mind a whack at the error in front of me. The application of our minds is limited to thinking only when we do not have a computer stuffed in front of our faces. Google creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought they are helping mankind with this creation of theirs. But eventually this has turned out to become a Frankenstein like monster. It is making at least 75-80% of the americans stupid and not only americans are in this fray, we Indians are not so far behind. I would say we would be more or less in the 45-50% cat…

Strategy Pattern

Well it has been a long time since I wrote something and I thought this time it would be cool that I wrote something technical. Before that I just wanted to mention that I completed my MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) with scores of an 89 in framework and a 95 in web. Not too bad I must say as I took about 3 days each to prepare for both these exams. Just going to add my MCTS logo with this post right about here -->
Anyways have been keeping myself busy learning design patterns. Patterns are really cool especially if you are the sort of person who likes to design (Well I am more of the sort of person who would give the idea for the design rather than implement it).
There are way too many patterns out there to be mastered but I rely on probably 4 to 5 of which I will talk about one below:

1]Strategy Pattern: Now this pattern is probably the easiest to master. It involves taking a preexisting set of classes and exposing their properties to other newer classes using inter…