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My entry into ET Prodigy

I would like to consider myself as some sort of a prodigy (ahem!!! cough persisting for some time). This is my entry into the ET prodigy contest that took place last month. I must say I could have presented my understanding better but I had to follow the competition guidelines to the "T". Here it is:

Sustain World (SW) provides services towards existing small scale ventures that have a foothold in the market place or to educate individuals or institutes and channeling their energy into setting up their businesses. The maximum acceptable annual income of its target audience would be 45,000 Indian Rupees(INR). The variable costs for Sustain world to come into existence would be somewhere between 4 lakh INR. Now there is an extremely high probability that most of the small scale ventures undertaken by individuals in the case of SW will never evolve from the proof of concept stage or might die in the nascent stages of creation. SW more or less will have a well sustained and aggr…