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SSIS tips and Tricks

Finally a technical article after a reallllly long time............

Tip 1: Ensure that when you fetch data from an SQL server data source always use the "(NOLOCK)" option in the sql statement
example: select studentid,name from student (NOLOCK)
This ensures that a deadlock does not take place (best option to use in a multi user environment :) ).

Tip 2: The maximum packet size that can be transferred across a network is approximately 4 MB. Here we could improve the performance of our data fetch from the source and data migration to destination by modifying the connection property of your SSIS package. Right click on the the connection and click properties, you will find a property called packet size: Make sure this packet size is about 32767 to get the maximum benefit across a network.

Tip 3: When you have multiple tasks running in parallel in a package(The maximum an SSIS package can actually subdivide these tasks or SSIS can spawn a maximum of 8 processes), so it would make it …

Cartoons from the 80's

Just thinking a couple of days ago as to the cartoons that I used to watch as a kid (still watch some of them when I get the time). Cartoons are like a breath of fresh air at times. Man, I used to watch so many cartoons. Here is a list of some that I could remember (I can tell my kids someday that these were the cartoons I used to enjoy watching..... a lot of nostalgia here):
1] Grandizer
2] Thundercats
3] Inspector Gadget
4] He-Man and the masters of the Universe
5] Captain Majid (I used to watch the arabic cartoon version)
6] Swamp Thing
7] Skyhawks
8] G.I.Joe
9] Rambo
10] Mr. T
11] Transformers
12] Banana Man
13] Pink Panther
14] Looney Toons
15] Care Bears
16] Smurfs
17] Voltron
18] Ghostbusters
19] Police Academy
20] M.A.S.K
21] Duck Tales
22] Chip & Dale - Rescue Rangers
23] Dennis the Menace
24] The Racoons
25] Count Duckula
26] Transformers
27] Spideman and his amazing friends
28] Bravestarr
29] TMNT
30] Denver the last dinosaur
31] The Hulk
Maybe I should keep posting lists like these lest I forget.

Be blatantly honest shouts CEO....

Recently read an article by the CEO of Google. Mr. Eric Schmidt tries to emphasize that business works primarily on the pillar of honesty and being brave enough to admit when one is @ fault. I do agree with Mr. Schmidt but there are certain aspects where taking responsibility will not achieve anything but a more severe reprimanding by the powers to be. Rather than accepting fault readily people especially at the top should first investigate as to what the impact of a particular transaction/event can do. Once this is done, what are the steps necessary in order to ensure that the details are and will be ready to the public @ a gradual pace. Nowadays due to the impact of media, information gathering as well as spreading will hardly take a couple of seconds. The media has the right to make their assumptions as well as the fact that it needs to be extremely clear to the public that @ the end of the day, it is an assumption and not a fact. People are always ready to jump to several conclusi…

Save the tiger.... ehem!

Follow this diagram to save the tiger
Note: Created this one after seeing the Aircell ad.
Could'nt post it earlier. Follow this diagram and evrything will work. --> Simple and ideal.

(i)We got to move inwards out so our primary goal is to secure the land for this magnificent animal.

(ii) The second step is to have a steady food source for the tiger (which would include the food source for the tiger's food source and naturally the cycle will continue till everything is in place)

(iii) We need to have uncorrupt officials in charge of taking up this magnanimous/huge responsibility and ensure that funds raised are directed towards the correct measures. This is the root cause of the tiger's problem. We fix this and we can save the tiger for sure!!!

(iv)Taking a regular census of the tiger population (either the goverment does this on a regular basis or they could actually utilize the private census benefits offered by international wildlife protection agencies).

(v)Kick poacher but…

SQL Concepts

Just to refresh my memory, I am going to jot down the following as part of my cheat sheet, so that one glanceover would refresh my memory:
Atomicity: This is the process by which any transaction performed on a DBMS, will not take place (or will be rolled back) in case a part of the transaction fails.
Consistency: Consistency implies that the state of the database would be constant at any period of time. During transactions, the db would move from one consistent phase to another consistent phase. (All the constraints and regulations of the database is maintained)
Isolation: Isolation indicates that every transaction is performed as a seperate action and will not be interdependent on one another. In case of any such dependencies then the transactions will take place in a sequential manner (based on FCFS or some priority based operation)
Durability: This indicates that the database will be robust and will not collapse at any period of time. At frequent time intervals snapshots of…

Pharma Software Companies --> Plans I have for ya!!!

This initially was a set of plans I had given to an organization I used to work for, (These ideas were given about 2-3 years ago and still have merits at this time and age).

I have a couple of ideas which I feel the any Pharmaceutical software company could really capitalize on. The ideas and suggestions I have are as follows:

A] The Indian Pharmaceutical market is burgeoning in size as well as improved technological capabilities have ensured that the Indian field force is on par with most of its counterparts across the globe. I feel that it is extremely important to strike the iron when it is hot. And this is a golden opportunity to showcase our products (probably a more stripped down version of MI and the other products in our product suite) to the Indian market. The cost factoring will definitely be a major hassle but I am sure our great marketing minds in your organization would definitely come up with an idea to embattle this and get the price bracket right. I presumed that with Da…

Microsoft .Net Framework

Many people have their own interpretation of the Microsoft .Net framework. Here is my 2 cents on this. We first need to understand that the framework is a collection of assemblies (resource & binary files) that enable us to program.
The framework generally consists of 3 main components:-
1] CLR (Common Language Runtime)
2] FCL (Framework Class Library)
3] Runtime
Now the CLR is a vast topic which would probably take me years to document but I feel that the MSDN website gives us a general understanding.

Now if we take a look at the above diagram, you would sort of find yourselves asking one question: Why did I not add in the CTS and CLS as part of the Framework i.e. because the CLR is primarily responsible for the CTS and CLS and I would classify it in the following manner:
1] CLR
--------------------> CTS ----------------------->2
--------------------> CLS ----------------------->2
2] FCL
3] runtime
Now a useful concept to understand here is how is our program being…