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Pharma Software Companies --> Plans I have for ya!!!

This initially was a set of plans I had given to an organization I used to work for, (These ideas were given about 2-3 years ago and still have merits at this time and age).

I have a couple of ideas which I feel the any Pharmaceutical software company could really capitalize on. The ideas and suggestions I have are as follows:

A] The Indian Pharmaceutical market is burgeoning in size as well as improved technological capabilities have ensured that the Indian field force is on par with most of its counterparts across the globe. I feel that it is extremely important to strike the iron when it is hot. And this is a golden opportunity to showcase our products (probably a more stripped down version of MI and the other products in our product suite) to the Indian market. The cost factoring will definitely be a major hassle but I am sure our great marketing minds in your organization would definitely come up with an idea to embattle this and get the price bracket right. I presumed that with Da…