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SSIS tips and Tricks

Finally a technical article after a reallllly long time............

Tip 1: Ensure that when you fetch data from an SQL server data source always use the "(NOLOCK)" option in the sql statement
example: select studentid,name from student (NOLOCK)
This ensures that a deadlock does not take place (best option to use in a multi user environment :) ).

Tip 2: The maximum packet size that can be transferred across a network is approximately 4 MB. Here we could improve the performance of our data fetch from the source and data migration to destination by modifying the connection property of your SSIS package. Right click on the the connection and click properties, you will find a property called packet size: Make sure this packet size is about 32767 to get the maximum benefit across a network.

Tip 3: When you have multiple tasks running in parallel in a package(The maximum an SSIS package can actually subdivide these tasks or SSIS can spawn a maximum of 8 processes), so it would make it …

Cartoons from the 80's

Just thinking a couple of days ago as to the cartoons that I used to watch as a kid (still watch some of them when I get the time). Cartoons are like a breath of fresh air at times. Man, I used to watch so many cartoons. Here is a list of some that I could remember (I can tell my kids someday that these were the cartoons I used to enjoy watching..... a lot of nostalgia here):
1] Grandizer
2] Thundercats
3] Inspector Gadget
4] He-Man and the masters of the Universe
5] Captain Majid (I used to watch the arabic cartoon version)
6] Swamp Thing
7] Skyhawks
8] G.I.Joe
9] Rambo
10] Mr. T
11] Transformers
12] Banana Man
13] Pink Panther
14] Looney Toons
15] Care Bears
16] Smurfs
17] Voltron
18] Ghostbusters
19] Police Academy
20] M.A.S.K
21] Duck Tales
22] Chip & Dale - Rescue Rangers
23] Dennis the Menace
24] The Racoons
25] Count Duckula
26] Transformers
27] Spideman and his amazing friends
28] Bravestarr
29] TMNT
30] Denver the last dinosaur
31] The Hulk
Maybe I should keep posting lists like these lest I forget.