Murphy's law in Modern Business

I am a great believer in Murphy's law and the eventuality that this law can pertain to everything in life and its subsequent impact on humanity in a multitude of ways. Let me constrain myself to the outer realm of business application rather than the internals. Here is my own list (somebody might have come up with it before but maybe not this eloquent :) )
1> Business will never move in the direction one wants to steer it in.
2> Every time you decide to invest big in the stock market .... it crashes!!!
3> When you feel that your company is in good shape, your competitor is one step ahead into buying you out.
4> Whenever you think about a decision that you made for the benefit of your organization, your organization will get a massive blow to its body bag.
5> When you think that you are the conduit for the success of a project, there are others who have already taken the credit for the success.
6> Mistaking your partner as your pillar of support will eventually lead to the collapse of the organization.
7> Whenever you are focusing on the root cause of a specific problem in your organization, other problems are left hanging.
8> Majority of the decisions you think you have made a bargain/loss on actually is the other way around.
9> Simultaneous wealth propagation across an organization will lead to more silos of control further weakening your control of the organization.
10> Mimicking your competitor will never generate the same results.
11> Business decisions taken at the spur of the moment normally tends to be the decisions where the company has gained the most.
12> Being magnanimous in one's gesture does not indicate that it is being done in good faith.

Well that's all I have for now..................


Good One Ishwar !!!
I like this one the most "Mimicking your competitor will never generate the same results. " :)

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