Cloud market is heating up....

Been using the Amazon cloud services for Kindle Fire for a couple of days. Now even though Amazon is number 1 when it comes to cloud computing in the market currently, it has to address issues concerning the uploading aspects into it's cloud platform immediately. It took me almost six and a half hours to upload four songs using the Amazon MP3 uploader located @ Amazon MP3. This might be due to the fact that Amazon is relying on selling more MP3 and other content which is heavily integrated with Amazon cloud rather than allow user's in uploading the very same. It is a good business strategy maybe from a short term aspect but from a long term understanding of a user's psyche, this will be an utter failure if it does not work something fast. Maybe SOPA might have restricted Amazon to a certain extent but it's MP3 uploader has been present for some time now and the SOPA has nothing to do with the software (or perhaps introduced purposely) chinks. Maybe a good space for it to look at is also like an P2P site where users can share content with one another (just a random idea of mine :) )

Now SalesForce is trying to target specific market segments for its cloud services platform. It is trying to dominate certain verticals with it's SAAS services predominantly in the European markets. This might be a major pitfall for SalesForce which undeniably went from number one in cloud computing to now being relegated to a back bench by Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, IBM and Google.

Also Microsoft's invariable strategy to focus on small scale organizations as a testing base for it's cloud computing changes is in my opinion a two thumbs up idea. It's 3 pronged attack with IAAS, PAAS and SAAS with significantly decent rating's was a stroke of genius. Sadly it is losing a lot of traction and might invariably lead to another one on one battle with Google when trying to pitch its services to audiences on a wider/global scale. My reasoning behind this is that with upstart's (maybe a virtual upstart) like Facebook trying to cultivate a cloud computing religion and IBM repeatedly massaging it's clients indicating that the cloud platform it provides is number one, Microsoft will loose a significant amount of time in trying to find new converts. IBM has always relied on it's relationship with existing clients and bombarding the clients with newer changes whenever possible. The idea which I have felt IBM is truly a "sensei" of.

The best thing about this space is that the competition is heating up and there are several other players at the starting line up. Definitely a space to look at more closely. Rumor also has it that Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison long considered a visionary when it came to cranking up new solutions or maybe the correct term is acquiring new solutions might have missed a beat when it comes down to the Cloud computing industry, but he is very much trying to create some noise in this segment. We know what this means.... more acquisitions in the pipeline. After Oracle's investment in Taleo and RightNow which are CRM solutions implemented in the SAAS space, it looks like it might procure something on the platform side of things soon.


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