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Framework for Monitoring Metadata changes

It is really important for a handshake model to exist between most upstream and downstream systems. Normally there is a mode of communication between the upstream Dev and Downstream Dev teams in order to track these changes. Now I have created a simple framework. Now rather than a pull system where the downstream pulls the meta data changes from the source, I have created a push system that the upstream will send across to the destination systems. Let us see how the framework works:
Step 1: Create a table that will store the metadata changes like addition or updation of tables and views as follows-
--Table to store Metadata changes for views and tables CREATE TABLE DB_Table_View_Changes ( DB_Table_View_Changes_ID INT IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY ,DB_Schema_Name VARCHAR(256) ,DB_TableView_Name VARCHAR(256) ,DB_TableView_Type VARCHAR(5) ,ModifiedDate DATETIME )
Step 2: The next step is to create the table that will track the Column changes made to views or tables-
--Table to track…

Effective Memorization trick for words

If you have a good sense of imagination then you are in for a treat....memorizing words is extremely easy if you put it into a story... Let me take you through a list of 20 words that I had to memorize and it has been fifteen days since I saw the list and I still remember the words... The underlined words in the following paragraph indicates the words that I had to memorize:
I took a pen and then took a cauliflower and scribbled the word wine on it. To dot the i in the word wine I jammed my key into the cauliflower. After this I took the cauliflower with me and went to a big dark auditorium where I was carrying a torch. I went on the stage and then I made a wish into the microphone present there for a tent. The tent that appeared had a massive needle through it. I touched the needle with my finger which had a massive diamond studded ring. After which I opened the tent and saw a massive massaging chair with a coffee filled glass in it and a sieve on top of it. A telephone started ri…