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PowerPivot in Excel 2013

Man O man!!!! I have recently started playing around with Office 2013 and I love it. It has a lot more facets that make regular excel user's lives easier. But this post is about an issue of using PowerPivot in Excel 2013. I started opening existing PowerPivot workbooks (created in Excel 2010) in Excel 2013 and whenever I navigated to the PowerPivot ribbon, all the options were always disabled. I thought for a second that there might have been a problem with the installation and I might have missed an option while installing Office 2013. But then barring the fact that Visio 2013 is still a seperate installation, there was  absolutely no problem with my Office 2013 installation. Then I tried reopening the workbooks in Excel 2010 to just verify that these were not corrupted in any fashion and thank the gods above!!! they weren't. So that got me thinking that the consumer preview of Office 2013 might not have PowerPivot enabled. Was just about to ping someone in the Office team w…

Metro Style Apps in Win 8

Metro style apps in Win 8 is going to become a big hit especially with the developer community and especially with Microsoft promoting these apps in a major way through its Windows store....only good things are in store for most of us. Metro apps basically works seamlessly on top of the following languages which MS is trying to revolve the developer community with. Those languages are C#/VB, C/C++ and Javascript. The structure of  metro apps is in the following fashion:
If we were to design an website to perform some sort of task such as displaying information from a database. The HTML and CSS page can be developed with any sort any editor (prefer Visual Studio 2012 to display the info.... or even Blend). But once the page is developed you will have to explicitly define function calls to the WIN RT layer which provides a host of API's to seamlessly integrate the application with the OS. Somewhat of a framework on top of a framework.

The next aspect is about the projections that t…