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Rhino - ETL

Using Rhino-ETL ( a C# based) framework for developing standard ETL's is pretty easy and one can do a lot of fun stuff with the underlying source data. I just wrote up a quick console app to generate data into a text file and push the same data into a table in SQL Server as well as an external file. Here are the following steps (for the external file push):
1. Create a new C# console application solution in Visual Studio.
2. Target the .Net framework as shown in the below screen shot in your project properties:-

3. Create 3 Sub Folders underneath your project as shown in the following screen shot
DataObjects --> Contains the class files associated with each and every table/file in your environment. Example:- if your source file contains student data, then you would create a class file called Student with the individual properties (in relation to the properties) exposed (nouns). Operations--> This primarily contains the class files that contain the activities (adjectives) that…

Javascripting libraries and frameworks.....Which is the best??

Recently got back into active web application development after quite a long time (4-5 years)..... It is always fun working on the UI layer except for the fact that everyone has their own opinions when it comes to look and feel. Anyways this article is to stress some of the javascript libraries that I am currently evaluating and trying to leverage for a new website....

1. Backbone.js--> I just loved using this library, easy construction of Models - Backbone.Model.extend({ Model definition }) and views - Backbone.View.extend({view declaration}). It seems to not adhere to any specific pattern. A lot of sites claim this to be a traditional MVC structure but I disagree because of the fact that this library can cater to other popular patterns out there in the market today. I have decided to settle down on this for my web site just because of the code base and the ease of use of writing backbone. It supports RESTful based routing as well.... so overall just one word for it awesome... Al…

An Agile process evaluation

In the recent past, I have been working as a scrum master for one of the projects. And since there were two folds to this project, a portion being handled onsite as well as a portion being handled offshore, there were initial hiccups that gradually deteriorated away. But here comes the crux of the problem and where an Agile process has to be evaluated.
        We had weekly sprints where a subset of tasks were to be completed and we have a daily scrum between the offshore and onsite team. But the onsite team were persistent on a daily mail sent with the changes being addressed. Now the point of the scrum is to take into account who, what and where the changes have to be made based on the product backlog. Now having status mails as part of the Agile process is indeed a flaw in the fundamental flow. After pointing out this fact, I was counter attacked with several points (some of which were valid to have a status update email) and finally left to comply. Now here comes the secondary fl…