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Data Implosion and not Explosion

I was planning on writing this article a while ago but never came down to it.... but I do have some time on my hands to write about how data has changed over the years. Nowadays data has been imploding and what I want to infer from implosion is that the manner in which data is being collated and published to end users with various transformations along the way creates a sense of cause and effect. You have massive data-sets but the information from this can be co-related in so many different ways that eventually one is unable to figure out how to go about getting the required information onto the end user's field of vision. Let us consider Big Data whenever we feel that the volume of data has reached its significant end in terms of storage limitations we can go about introducing a solution (a big data solution) in order to contain the explosion and ensure that there is no data loss.... hence in this case we can always ensure that in the eventuality of a massive up…