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Power BI To Embed Or Not To Embed

It is very critical for organizations to work & play with data. Power BI - the reporting solution from Microsoft is literally scorching the market with its rapid pace in usage. On a quick note while interacting with your Power BI report like the following-->

This report is accessible by the public. In order to create a more personalized/advanced security reporting structure with Power BI, the Power BI embedded would be the way to go. Create a workspace collection in Azure and then generate the required API keys (two by default - primary and secondary). These API keys will be leveraged by your web application. Once this is done create the pbix solution file in your desktop tool and publish or import the pbix solution to the Azure workspace using powershell/C#/ruby/java etc... Now to interact with the pbix file in your application, you need to leverage the Power BI Embed API's. However there is another approach using Power BI API's instead of the embed API's. The emb…