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I was asked a few questions about TFS by a customer a couple of years ago.... I was rummaging through some of my luggage and found the questionairre. Just thought I would answer the questions with this blog post before throwing it away:

1. How would you breakdown TFS Projects?
The manner in which TFS projects can be broken down is into identifiable work items with tasks associated to them.

2. Once the Work Item is defined, what are the next steps?

The above image does not belong to me but would love to thank the author for the same.

Review the requirements that are assigned to the iteration, and define them in more detail.
•Create task work items for the work that must be performed to implement and test each requirement. Link the tasks to the requirement work item by using the parent link type.
•Set the Original Estimate field of each task.
•Divide tasks that have estimates that are longer than a few days.

•Compare the estimates with the time that is available for the iteration. If the estimate total is too long, simplify some of the requirements, or defer them to later iterations.

3. How is a full life cycle implemented in TFS?
4. What are the core definitions for fields and what is the standard naming convention?

From my perspective, definition of fields and naming convention is basically up to the organization and its individual representation of how they would like to proceed with the TFS project structure. This can be defined or copied from another template defined by some other organization/person. Would definitely recommend leveraging a template based on the same domain to avoid confusion.

Manufacturing --> Manufactureing
Pharma --> Pharma
Information Technology --> Information Technology e.t.c.

The TFS template structure for Scrum as defined by MSDN is as follows (and Microsoft has defined templates for CMMI and Agile as well):

Microsoft's standards are industry standards and would not recommend deviating from the same (or even leverage Google's scrum template as in the following link:


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