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Mogambo Khush Hua!!!

Mogambo --> a typical Hindi film villain whose dreams of world domination is ended with his humiliating defeat at the hands of a hero wannabe. Many of us day dream about saving the world someday, from what?? you may ask. Well in modern times it could be to bring in more culture to the rustic parts of the world, chanting slogans and holding up posters to support a worthy cause, or even maybe to become highly skilled martial artists and go around major cities protecting the weak and the innocent. Maybe we could also start preparing ourselves to evade the attack from the alien forces of plant JAROCXA in the galaxy BORUAGFF 76 light years from the milky way. Or we could invent arithmetic formula's to help the earth not get sucked into a black hole created by a time portal in the year 5678. Heh Heh!!!! who is kidding whom? I dont think our planet can survive even up to 2040. The biggest problem is we do not respect our planet and treat it like dirt from the get go. This is humilia…