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Nightmare on Helm's Street

Man!!! Hellofa week for me. My dog Shinto (one of my best friends on this planet) was diagnosed with cancer. Just imagine how it feels to bear immense amounts of pain and tell no one about it. That's how my pal, a part of my familia is going through now. And I cant do a goddam thing about it. Going through all the best times I spent with that boy, I just cant imagine losing him without a fight. All the doctors advise that the best thing to do is to put my friend out of his misery. I cant bear taking that decision, though it will most definitely be a cumulative one with my family being involved in it. Another crappy thing is that this bangalore weather is not doing my skin any favors. I cant stop staring at the mirror to check out any blemishes or dark spots. This is what I have been reduced to --> a beautician trying to rectify his own beauty. I started using a lot of skin products in the recent past, but it seems to be doing my skin more harm than good. Well the best thing goi…