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Being the Bully

Bullies!!! Who want's them around??? Sometimes life itself can be the biggest bully. You tend to face severe trials and tribulations at every step and still try to keep some time in indulging in childhood fantasies. A lot of things have been creeping me out in the recent past. I am as pessimistic as ever about my chances out there in the real world. I feel better encapsulating myself from the melancholy of life and hide in my shell. My shell is the imagination and fantasies I have the power to create. The best thing about imagination is the ability to be in control of everything that surrounds you. Maybe life can bully me around but in my dreams I can hoodwink life as it is. Three cheers to my imagination. Hip Hip Hurrah!!!!

Aerosmith + Leela

I recently was at the Aerosmith concert with my bro Atreya in Bangalore. A pretty decent crowd did turn up at the end but I am tellin ya the place was not jam packed as it oughta have been. Pretty fiery performance by the group headed by the whacky Steven Tyler, and with guys like Tom Hamilton and Joe f**kin Perry belting it on the guitar like beavers goin at a piece of wood, this surely became one night to remember. I would'nt classify myself as an Aerosmith fan, but I do like some of their songs such as Crazy, Jaded etc. They did the gig with elan and finesse like what most professional rock shows are like. Well it momentarily took me away from the drudgery at the office place. I had dinner the other day at the Leela Palace and it turns out that this is the place where celebrities hang out. Met Narayan Murthy (CEO-Infosys) and his family. And a Kannada film actress who most people were going ga ga about. Thats how my week went by. Keep you posted on more happenings soon.