Service Oriented Architecture

With modern day technologies getting outdated the minute they see the light, service oriented architecture is the key to the future. Why services you ask me?? Plug and Play is the answer and it is as simple as that. I realized the necessity of utilizing service oriented architecture in our day to day lives. With the expansion and increasing utilization of the internet, web based technologies are growing at a rapid rate. Certain amazing stuff have come out of the stables of Google (an awesome company), Yahoo (not too far away), Microsoft (things seem to be getting only better at the Redmond center) etc.

I just came up with an Idea for a purely service oriented software which can be used across domains but for sales and marketing. I will start writing a whitepaper on
this pretty soon. And just started brushing up on my math basics (good ol' MBA prep). I probably will write my GMAT in May 2008 and might even give CAT a shot. I will join a course in Jan 2008 for CAT. Keeping my fingers crossed this time around that I will be able to achieve my dreams pretty soon. Saw the aftermath of the game against Pakistan on the 15th of this month. It just makes me wonder whether we have an awesome team in place or is just plain ol' luck. Well whatever it may be, it seems to have changed the horizon for the Indian cricket team. [Feb 2008] Just to keep you all up to date I still have not joined a CAT course (Reason: Pure Laziness). I probably wont do my GMAT in May and I have
completed only about 5% of my whitepaper. HuH!!! Great job Tortoise.

And Microsoft seems to have bought Yahoo is the secret disclosure of this month but are ensuring that the rumour mills are still going about an eventual takeover so that they get an upper hand in the Web land. Google is jumping into the Health Services sector by providing free information about patients so that they dont have to carry along their entire medical history whenever they go to a doctor. Brilliant minds always come up with a solution to progress.


dynamicishwar said…
Microsoft did not acquire Yahoo but eventually did bid for it and got rejected by Jerry Yang. He must be now trying to figure out as to why he never took the deal. Facebook and Yahoo are using the Microsoft Bing search engines for their software platforms.

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