The year that passed me by

Well 2008 did not turn out to be the roller coaster ride I expected it to be. Here is the list of stuff that happened this year:

1. First and foremost, I royally jacked my GMAT exam (Of course I will be taking it up again but I should have gone in with more prep rather than confidence).
2. I seem to be making a meager living working in my current company. I should have taken up the job offers I was given by other companies (screwed this one up!!!)
3. I am shaping out to be a fat blob. I have not been exercising regularly and have become a bit lazier than usual.
4. The recession has not done me any good. The catastrophic problems that have literally brought the U.S economy to a brink of rapid disintegration has in deed made a gaping dent in my pocket.
5. CAT was a cinch, I should have improved my math speed and I might have just made it into an IIM. I definitely believe that I haven't crossed the cut off in Math. Any takers on this one???
6. Family life for me is getting complicated and I am planning everything in this regard with aggression.
7. Stopped taking meat for healthy reasons this entire year but I have yet to see the advantages(except of course adding a couple of more calories to my burgeoning blubber deposit).
Well 2008 sucked for me big time and I am looking forward to 2009 to make up for 2008. And I posted this video of my Amazing race entry in You Tube:


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