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Microsoft .Net Framework

Many people have their own interpretation of the Microsoft .Net framework. Here is my 2 cents on this. We first need to understand that the framework is a collection of assemblies (resource & binary files) that enable us to program.
The framework generally consists of 3 main components:-
1] CLR (Common Language Runtime)
2] FCL (Framework Class Library)
3] Runtime
Now the CLR is a vast topic which would probably take me years to document but I feel that the MSDN website gives us a general understanding.

Now if we take a look at the above diagram, you would sort of find yourselves asking one question: Why did I not add in the CTS and CLS as part of the Framework i.e. because the CLR is primarily responsible for the CTS and CLS and I would classify it in the following manner:
1] CLR
--------------------> CTS ----------------------->2
--------------------> CLS ----------------------->2
2] FCL
3] runtime
Now a useful concept to understand here is how is our program being…