Pharma Software Companies --> Plans I have for ya!!!

This initially was a set of plans I had given to an organization I used to work for, (These ideas were given about 2-3 years ago and still have merits at this time and age).

I have a couple of ideas which I feel the any Pharmaceutical software company could really capitalize on. The ideas and suggestions I have are as follows:

A] The Indian Pharmaceutical market is burgeoning in size as well as improved technological capabilities have ensured that the Indian field force is on par with most of its counterparts across the globe. I feel that it is extremely important to strike the iron when it is hot. And this is a golden opportunity to showcase our products (probably a more stripped down version of MI and the other products in our product suite) to the Indian market. The cost factoring will definitely be a major hassle but I am sure our great marketing minds in your organization would definitely come up with an idea to embattle this and get the price bracket right. I presumed that with Daichi Sankyo taking over Ranbaxy that this would actually act as the catalyst propelling any software company into the Indian markets but I am not sure as to what is happening on this front. Maybe a stronger Brand Imaging and advertising of software products in India and China would help this cause.

B} Provision for software services across the globe. We could actually come up with a service oriented architecture where clients could actively purchase services for our products based on their needs and necessity. I think from a customer point of view, encouraging them by giving them the option to control the shape a product takes would further solidify their belief in us as the best pharmaceutical software provider in the world today. And in case a particular customer comes up with a requirement which could be globally defined, then this could be consummated into a service and provided to all the customers who opt for this.

C] Due to the recession in the US and other major economies which revolve around the US markets, getting into China and India is extremely important. We definitely could push our organization forward and conquer the Asian markets. Coming up with a new product suite for the Asian markets would definitely be a time consuming endeavor, however providing them diverse applications which are key factors such as maintaining medical transcriptions, payrolls, accounts, ERP software solutions, Analytical CRM, our SFA solutions not only for their field force, and also other various aspects of a pharmaceutical industry’s day to day routine like clinical trial solutions, software for connecting the pharmaceutical industry with their vendors and then software for the vendors as well. Microsoft has already realized this and has come up with an idea to implement B2B software connecting all these in India. I feel that we should not be left behind in this race. The following link could give you more information as to what I am trying to explain:§ionid=45

D] I have always been interested in creating software for the end customer and by the end customer I am indicating Doctors, Non Prescribers, Pharmacy’s etc. Probably small web based mobile apps which is platform independent would definitely be the optimal solution for this. And again the concept of providing a purely service oriented architecture to these groups would reduce cost as well as ensure on time delivery of products and increased efficiency.

E] We should also target small and mid size pharma industries in India and China. Even though the business advantage could be extremely small for a long period of time with these companies, it would be a major boon when these companies grow into giants or are taken over by other pharma giants. Now is the best time to do so as the market is not really reliable and the care we show to all our companies at this point in time will come to the forefront when the markets rise again.

F] The Middle Eastern markets also seem to be a global hotspot for investments especially Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Jordan. A quick market forecast will definitely indicate the same.

E] Rapid changes in technology would definitely be a flaw when it comes to making an empire in the software industry. Why not invest in technologies that are making heads spin like Ruby on Rails, Microsoft Dynamics or Silverlight? Definitely UI rich applications have never failed in impressing clients.

I hope that these suggestions are taken into consideration and hope that they would be used in strengthening any Tom Dick Harry's position at the top.


Anonymous said…
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