Save the tiger.... ehem!

Follow this diagram to save the tiger
Note: Created this one after seeing the Aircell ad.
Could'nt post it earlier. Follow this diagram and evrything will work. --> Simple and ideal.

(i)We got to move inwards out so our primary goal is to secure the land for this magnificent animal.

(ii) The second step is to have a steady food source for the tiger (which would include the food source for the tiger's food source and naturally the cycle will continue till everything is in place)

(iii) We need to have uncorrupt officials in charge of taking up this magnanimous/huge responsibility and ensure that funds raised are directed towards the correct measures. This is the root cause of the tiger's problem. We fix this and we can save the tiger for sure!!!

(iv)Taking a regular census of the tiger population (either the goverment does this on a regular basis or they could actually utilize the private census benefits offered by international wildlife protection agencies).

(v)Kick poacher butt!!! How do we do this?? Feed him/her dude. The only reason these people are doing it is to fill their bellies. Fill it up with something and they might just stop [If u think I am being naive here just comment saying cluck cluck]

oh yeah we should also take some sort of responsibility and keep spreading the awareness that our national animal is on the verge of extinction unless ppl like you and me do something abt it.


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