Be blatantly honest shouts CEO....

Recently read an article by the CEO of Google. Mr. Eric Schmidt tries to emphasize that business works primarily on the pillar of honesty and being brave enough to admit when one is @ fault. I do agree with Mr. Schmidt but there are certain aspects where taking responsibility will not achieve anything but a more severe reprimanding by the powers to be. Rather than accepting fault readily people especially at the top should first investigate as to what the impact of a particular transaction/event can do. Once this is done, what are the steps necessary in order to ensure that the details are and will be ready to the public @ a gradual pace. Nowadays due to the impact of media, information gathering as well as spreading will hardly take a couple of seconds. The media has the right to make their assumptions as well as the fact that it needs to be extremely clear to the public that @ the end of the day, it is an assumption and not a fact. People are always ready to jump to several conclusions and eventually have a tendency to fall or lean heavily towards the negative. The situation @ BP as Mr. Schmidt argues is that BP is being shielded by lawyers and the truth is not being stated openly. Well again that is his conclusion to this. In any legal aspect getting legal advice is extremely important. So if the legal team feels that the company should not admit to anything till an investigation is fully conducted, then so be it. You cannot just go and shout hey I have made a mistake!!! Cool... now what??? This is not an ideal situation to be in. The mistake is still severe whether one admits to it or not. How would an apology early in the game make it better for people to forget about such a devastating
incident (the BP spill off the coast of Mexico) makes no sense. But I feel that the Ex CEO of BP Mr. Tony Hayward could have been been more clear and shared the results of the investigation @ the congress hearing. His face showed absolutely no emotion nor did he have answers to any of the questions asked. Being an engineer, he would have been the best person to have at least given his assessment to the Congress members and showed BP to be what it claimed to be - the most technologically superior oil company around with the best talent in the oil business.


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