Cartoons from the 80's

Just thinking a couple of days ago as to the cartoons that I used to watch as a kid (still watch some of them when I get the time). Cartoons are like a breath of fresh air at times. Man, I used to watch so many cartoons. Here is a list of some that I could remember (I can tell my kids someday that these were the cartoons I used to enjoy watching..... a lot of nostalgia here):
1] Grandizer
2] Thundercats
3] Inspector Gadget
4] He-Man and the masters of the Universe
5] Captain Majid (I used to watch the arabic cartoon version)
6] Swamp Thing
7] Skyhawks
8] G.I.Joe
9] Rambo
10] Mr. T
11] Transformers
12] Banana Man
13] Pink Panther
14] Looney Toons
15] Care Bears
16] Smurfs
17] Voltron
18] Ghostbusters
19] Police Academy
20] M.A.S.K
21] Duck Tales
22] Chip & Dale - Rescue Rangers
23] Dennis the Menace
24] The Racoons
25] Count Duckula
26] Transformers
27] Spideman and his amazing friends
28] Bravestarr
29] TMNT
30] Denver the last dinosaur
31] The Hulk
Maybe I should keep posting lists like these lest I forget.


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