Cycle Adventure with IT......

OMG!!! I dont know who I am!!!! Seriously nowadays there are several dime a dozen clones of you online. Being serious here --> Identity theft (IT) has certainly become rampant in all parts of the globe. Maybe some slander your very means of existence & others might be to increase your popularity (online stalkers? ahem). I dont know where I am going with this article but I thought that maybe becoming a Jason Bourne after your identity has been stolen is easier than one thinks. Can this be done easily?? Yes but why?? Does your existence (i.e. the one stealing the identity) does not have a life of his/her own??? Social Networking sites are ever increasing but is that really you on that site??
Lets get past the garbage I wrote earlier and come to the adventure part. Rode a cycle to office today (and back home too --> believe it you naysayers). Maybe about 40 kms. Not bad but more than the back pain it is the back side pain that leaves you struggling.
Scenario--> I am in a restaurant to eat a meal as I am famished after my bicycle ride....
Waiter:Have a seat Sir?
My reply: Would it be possible to have my meal standing up? (backside still screaming you gave me hell on earth)


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