Dexter is pretty good....

Have not been followin a TV series in a while (The last two I followed pretty religiously were Castle along with Bones and these two were pretty good).
But in the recent past I have been following Dexter and another called Spartacus (I was able to catch all the episodes of Blood & sands as well as Gods of the arena).
Spartacus is pretty slick in its cinematography bcoz its more like watching bits and pieces of 300 (a good movie) with more of a storyline and the explicit no holds barred kinda program really takes you back to the past. But Dexter on the other hand is quite different from the rest as it shows a bad guy killing other bad guys for sport. I mean to a certain extent what he is doing is nothing but being a vigilante since he is helping in takin out the trash. But does he have the moral right to do so...hmmm (pondering over this). Dexter has a disease and a nasty one at that. He is trying to control it by focusing it on bad guys. But how does he justify whether the person is bad is where I am questioning the makers of the show. To me some of the so called psychos were doing what they had to do and that is focus their disease in a different manner and if innocent victims were hurt in the process then so be it....the law should take care of it and not some vigilante (he should probably kill only mass murderers who have been convicted for genocide or maybe join the army and get some action in the battlefield.... hell a soldier with no emotions could be an excellent candidate). But one of the cool things watching Dexter is that there is a parallel with my favourite super hero yup... its the bat. Both of them have a troubled childhood to a certain extent and both want to take out the trash but for different reasons of course... one has a disease (dex) and the other feels that he has a moral obligation to do so (the bat). Another question is what would happen if we had a Dexter in Bangalore u know taking out the political scum and weeding out all those goondas hired by the political scum with huge amounts of wealth amassed from the common folk or even corrupt cops/officials. That is an awesome thought but again how does one morally justify killing as it is a cardinal sin. Lets leave our imagination and mental perceptions as is for the time bein and enjoy a good TV series. Forgive the drawlin.....(Texan style)


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