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People's dilemmas and the repercussions that arise...

I just noticed that the face of humanity has changed a lot from my generation. People tend to not take responsibility very well and keep nagging about various things that actually dematerialize the very foundation on which humanity is built on.
Act1: User forgets MP3 player @ office and asks one of his office colleagues to look after the MP3 player.
Act2: Colleague decides to keep MP3 player in his/her drawer without locking it.
Act3: MP3 player gets stolen.
Act4: Colleague pretends to be cool about the MP3 player and coy about the fact it gets stolen. According to his/her logic, the MP3 player would have eventually been stolen because of User's forgetfulness.

Is this what humanity is preaching now.... irresponsibility?? Pathetic display of human unresponsiveness to a general situation.

Lets us take the current predicament facing us @ the national level. The Lokpal bill is supposed (???!!!) is supposed to eradicate or subside the rise in corruption by giving the common man more power.…