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Symbols and its importance in modern day marketing

Let us talk about symbols a bit (Dan Brown this aint about the Da Vinci Code). Now a brand definitely does have a major role in the marketing aspects of a product or a service. However has anyone tried to explain how symbols can also be an equivalent or maybe a semi equivalent force in the realm of marketing. Nope and that is something which I kept pondering on for a while till my wayward mind started thinking about something else. You log into your system and navigate to some random RSS feed that is coming up on your favorite website and lo!!!! what do you see below those links or posts. An "f", or a "t" or or an "l". What do these imply? Just symbols indicating some of the most popular sites in the market i.e. facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. But these symbols do definitely cater to an audience. It is impressive that whenever we see a letter S on a shirt embedded in a triangle, we associate it with one of the biggest comic book character out there and I…

MDX Beginner to Professional ASAP

So been visiting a couple of sites recently to collect information on MDX from basic information to advanced but almost every site had some advantages to it and some disadvantages to it. Now just to make the information on MDX querying more concise, I am writing up this article. Lets start with the basics....

Step 1:
SELECT Measure/Dimension on 0/Axis(0)/Columns,
Measure/Dimension on 1/Axis(1)/Rows,
Measure/Dimension on 2/Axis(2) [Note: From this point onwards... even though this MDX is valid, SSMS editor will not accept the information as it strictly adheres to cell information encapsulated between rows and columns].
. on 3/Axis(3)
from [Cube Name] where slicer information

Step 2:
Figure out what information it is that you exactly want from the cube......
Extremely important here is to follow the rules below:
Update the cube to take in a default measure.
Now once this is performed, all the in…