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SQL Server 2012 Power View Installation with Sharepoint 2010

Oh Oh (Jaane Jaana the song just came to my mind)..... Installing powerview on Sharepoint 2010 with SQL server 2012 turned out to be a nightmare. Since I was doing the install on my local m/c, things became more harder than usual as I do not have enough memory to scatter around. So let me explain the steps I went through and the effort I had to exert in playing around with PowerView.
      I had SQL Server 2008 R2 installed with Sharepoint 2010 on my machine. Just for folks out there who do not want to uninstall their current SQL server version and especially if it is 2008, ensure that you install SQL Server 2008 SP2 before installing SQL Server 2012 (I am going to refer to it with the term "Denali" from this point on). If you do not install SP1 and SP2 prior to the Denali install you are in for one heck of a ride. Mark my words please do the installs prior to installing Denali. If you do install Denali without upgrading SQL server 2008 to SP2, ensure that the Denali inst…

Steve Ballmer's rallying speech

Recently saw Microsoft's annual townhall speech in Washington DC. The spotlight was on the CEO Steve Ballmer and he basically took the ball to the end zone and scored a touchdown with this speech of his. The biggest aspect of his speech was the enthusiasm he showed to the crowd and it was impressive to say the least. He was as exuberant and passionate with his speech as ever. It just goes to show the difference between go getter's who truly are passionate about what they do and people who prefer mediocrity. Seriously if I were as passionate about my job as Mr. Ballmer, I would be someplace else. The speech of his just shows to the people at Microsoft how much involved he is with every single product that Microsoft is working with and his commitment to ensure that these products become number 1 in the global markets. The energy shown throughout the speech was electrifying. This man seemed to have all engines fired up for this speech like the perrenial race horse with the carro…

Adding All to SSRS report parameters giving out of memory exception

SSRS report is failing while selecting the All parameter Now let me begin by giving a case statement whereby I have added 'ALL' to my SSRS report parameters dropdown. But whenever I select the ALL option I run into the out of memory exception because the report is executing in a never ending loop. Here are samples of the issue @ hand and how I went about fixing the same For example==> Let me say that I have a Country dropdown for the following SSRS report (using Adventureworks). The SSRS dataset Report Query is as follows:
SELECT adr.AddressLine1, adr.AddressLine2, adr.PostalCode, adr.City, sp.Name, cr.Name AS Country FROM Person.Address AS adr INNER JOIN Person.StateProvince AS sp ON adr.StateProvinceID = sp.StateProvinceID INNER JOIN Person.CountryRegion AS cr ON sp.CountryRegionCode = cr.CountryRegionCode and (cr.CountryRegionCode = @country)
As you notice the parameter I am using is @country.

The @country parameter is populated initially by using the following query:

System.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings is Obsolete

This is the most irritating warning message in my C# coding experience. I have been using the AppSetting regardless of this warning message, but was recently told that even though the code compilation occurs in a similar manner, it is a burden to the C# compiler for this particular line and just for people to understand the warning again.... this is the crappy message 1 more time:
'System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings' is obsolete: 'This method is obsolete, it has been replaced by System.Configuration!System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings'
Now why the heck does the System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager not exist!!!! This is becoz it is not referring to the correct DLL reference (The 1 in GAC is incorrect arrgh!!!!) and 1 needs to explicitly add the correct instance of the DLL (Add Reference --> System.Configuration with the correct version). Why do you need to add this explicitly and why doesn't Microsoft Visual Studio tea…