Steve Ballmer's rallying speech

Recently saw Microsoft's annual townhall speech in Washington DC. The spotlight was on the CEO Steve Ballmer and he basically took the ball to the end zone and scored a touchdown with this speech of his. The biggest aspect of his speech was the enthusiasm he showed to the crowd and it was impressive to say the least. He was as exuberant and passionate with his speech as ever. It just goes to show the difference between go getter's who truly are passionate about what they do and people who prefer mediocrity. Seriously if I were as passionate about my job as Mr. Ballmer, I would be someplace else. The speech of his just shows to the people at Microsoft how much involved he is with every single product that Microsoft is working with and his commitment to ensure that these products become number 1 in the global markets. The energy shown throughout the speech was electrifying. This man seemed to have all engines fired up for this speech like the perrenial race horse with the carrot in front of it on the track. This goes to show that if someone truly loves what one is doing, the word impossible is never really present. This speech of Mr. Ballmer is one of the few C level executive speeches that I have truly liked, some of the others had always come from the great late Mr. Steve Jobs who truly had the gift of gab (Man the world truly will miss this enigma) but there are people out there who can truly sell what they are saying and Mr. Ballmer is one of those people.


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