PPS blunders....

While discussing about PPS today, I kind of explained that PPS will not support multiple datasources on the same dashboard. Now this is true to a great extent but KPI's for that matter is a totally different story. KPI's can be created with multiple datasource and displayed within a PPS scorecard. Maybe my mind was not in place while explaining PPS. This is indeed understandable when working on multiple platforms. A dashboard can be created with scorecards based on KPI's from different data sources. Also on a quick note if the platforms that support office and Sharepoint differ i.e. SharePoint on a X64 related platform and the office installed is x86 then importing data from the excel source into a PPS dashboard will result in a cross platform error. The resolution for this is to reinstall office for x64 m/c. 05/10/2012(Value Add for the comments above) No wait found an even better solution --> checked out this gentleman's post and it worked like a charm-->
Solve Excel Issue
Another weird thing to note is that during a recent demo of a PPS dashboard of mine, I was asked whether a pie chart can be modified to have labels. I tried a lot of combinations but was not able to add a label to the PPS pie chart. However if anyone out there has the same dilemma, the best alternative is to recreate the pie chart in SSRS and stick it in the PPS dashboard using an SSRS web part or using a PPS SSRS report component. If there are any other suggestions out there... do let me know would ya!!


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