Effective Memorization trick for words

If you have a good sense of imagination then you are in for a treat....memorizing words is extremely easy if you put it into a story... Let me take you through a list of 20 words that I had to memorize and it has been fifteen days since I saw the list and I still remember the words... The underlined words in the following paragraph indicates the words that I had to memorize:
I took a pen and then took a cauliflower and scribbled the word wine on it. To dot the i in the word wine I jammed my key into the cauliflower. After this I took the cauliflower with me and went to a big dark auditorium where I was carrying a torch. I went on the stage and then I made a wish into the microphone present there for a tent. The tent that appeared had a massive needle through it. I touched the needle with my finger which had a massive diamond studded ring. After which I opened the tent and saw a massive massaging chair with a coffee filled glass in it and a sieve on top of it. A telephone started ringing and I picked up the telephone and heard a voice on the other end asking for assistance in pushing a bullock cart.
Now I could probably remember these words for days because of the manner in which I have corelated them. I am currently trying to apply the same in terms of technical matter as well as quantitative aptitude. Let's see how far my experimentation with memorization will go along these varying perspectives.


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