Duplication of KPI's within PPS

Has anyone ever come up with the of duplication of KPI related information after dragging and dropping two seperate KPI's within a scorecard......... well! I have. Now the issue is quite simple, I define two separate KPI's called KPI1 and KPI2. I define KPI1 in the following manner:

After this step I define KPI2 in the following manner:

Once I perform the following operations I basically define a scorecard dropping a dimension (eg: Brand) for this purpose and then drag KPI1 and then KPI2 (Note: KPI2 is the sibling of KPI1). The scorecard gets generated in the following fashion:
Now if you notice the scorecard the Actual and Target is repeated for KPI2 even though KPI2 has the names defined as Test1 and Test2 respectively and the default values for KPI2 is empty for all rows of the slicing dimension. This issue is due to the fact that PPS did not recognize KPI2 as a valid sibling of KPI1 (This is indeed an issue with PPS and needs to be changed as soon as possible in the future version) because of the name given to the Actual and Target in KPI2 (defined as Test1 and Test2 respectively). To overcome this issue in the scorecard, the best option to follow is to keep the names the same across for all the KPI's. In this case let us change the KPI2 in the following manner:
Once this is done after adding both the KPI's to the scorecard, right click on the KPI name within the scorecard and navigate to the metric setting and change the name to Test1 and Test2 respectively for Actual and Target as shown in the following screenshots:
(Once the metric setting is selected change the name as shown below)
Change Actual to Test1 and Target to Test 2 respectively and as the saying goes--> when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The scorecard is perfectly represented as it ought to.
Another Issue I run into is the connection problem with Excel services as a source. Some excel connections work with the same service account and others do not even though the permissions are the same. Well I sort of know a way to solve the issue.... but let me tell this story some other time.


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