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An Agile process evaluation

In the recent past, I have been working as a scrum master for one of the projects. And since there were two folds to this project, a portion being handled onsite as well as a portion being handled offshore, there were initial hiccups that gradually deteriorated away. But here comes the crux of the problem and where an Agile process has to be evaluated.
        We had weekly sprints where a subset of tasks were to be completed and we have a daily scrum between the offshore and onsite team. But the onsite team were persistent on a daily mail sent with the changes being addressed. Now the point of the scrum is to take into account who, what and where the changes have to be made based on the product backlog. Now having status mails as part of the Agile process is indeed a flaw in the fundamental flow. After pointing out this fact, I was counter attacked with several points (some of which were valid to have a status update email) and finally left to comply. Now here comes the secondary fl…