Javascripting libraries and frameworks.....Which is the best??

Recently got back into active web application development after quite a long time (4-5 years)..... It is always fun working on the UI layer except for the fact that everyone has their own opinions when it comes to look and feel. Anyways this article is to stress some of the javascript libraries that I am currently evaluating and trying to leverage for a new website....

1. Backbone.js--> I just loved using this library, easy construction of Models - Backbone.Model.extend({ Model definition }) and views - Backbone.View.extend({view declaration}). It seems to not adhere to any specific pattern. A lot of sites claim this to be a traditional MVC structure but I disagree because of the fact that this library can cater to other popular patterns out there in the market today. I have decided to settle down on this for my web site just because of the code base and the ease of use of writing backbone. It supports RESTful based routing as well.... so overall just one word for it awesome... Also on a quick note it seems to have a great tie in with another library that I will be leveraging called D3.js (Data driven documents) which is a phenomenal repository of different data representation factors.

2. Knockout --> Another library but supports the ever popular Microsoft's MVVM pattern.  Knockout is another cool library to leverage and works extremely well with SPA based apps. Knockout binds the elements with JSON payloads phenomenally well and is something that Microsoft has been leveraging in most of their SPA based apps. Cool tutorials also in place @

3. Dojo --> Have not played around with this framework yet but a lot of people currently do leverage (not as many as backbone maybe a similar to knockout's user base) Dojo. Really neat name.... Concept of modular based programming in place. Everything is neatly structured with both the properties and methods exposed by the API code base.....Also has its own charting tools and a widget library (especially for card building in web sites) available.

The other popular javascript libraries out there are as follows:
Spine (another version of knockout) and Canjs
Popular frameworks out there are Angular js, Meteor and Batman.

A great site for referencing the various libraries and frameworks available out there is Steven Anderson's blog site @

Just to add to the list of charting libraries out there:
1. Rgraph
2. Flot2
3. Google graphs
4. D3.js
5. Dojo
6. High Charts

Check out the following site for more graphing tools out there in the market:


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