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Rhino - ETL

Using Rhino-ETL ( a C# based) framework for developing standard ETL's is pretty easy and one can do a lot of fun stuff with the underlying source data. I just wrote up a quick console app to generate data into a text file and push the same data into a table in SQL Server as well as an external file. Here are the following steps (for the external file push):
1. Create a new C# console application solution in Visual Studio.
2. Target the .Net framework as shown in the below screen shot in your project properties:-

3. Create 3 Sub Folders underneath your project as shown in the following screen shot
DataObjects --> Contains the class files associated with each and every table/file in your environment. Example:- if your source file contains student data, then you would create a class file called Student with the individual properties (in relation to the properties) exposed (nouns). Operations--> This primarily contains the class files that contain the activities (adjectives) that…