Blue Screen of Death --> Microsoft Power Map

I was fiddling around with Power Map and wanted to see how far I could go ahead with the mapping visualization.......
I basically leveraged the Power Station data file available at:

After downloading this excel file, I started to create Power Map with the basic idea of having 3 layers.
1. The first layer would take into account all the counties based on the Power Transmitted
2. The second layer would consist of all the companies based the Power distribution
3. The third layer considers the power distribution based on Plant Name....

Now this excel file contains roughly about 20,000 rows...... My machine configuration is basically a Windows 8 with an Intel i7 core and 16 GB of RAM. I was good up to step 1 in the steps described above but when I hit step 2 that's when I noticed that my memory just bloated like crazy...... I decided like a crazy person to try step 3 and that's when my machine crashed. Unfortunately I could not take screen shots as well as would not like to reproduce  this issue. But to just give a general idea even playing around with roughly 20,000 rows of data and using the above layering with probably close to 8 GB of free space on my box killed my machine with even the disk usage going to 100%. I decided to work on a smaller subset and show you what exactly I was trying to produce (This is for the state of California with a much lesser subset of counties):

 Step 1 is shown in the above diagram

Step 2 is as shown in the above diagram

The above figure is very close to what I wanted to do but I used a clustered column instead. I would definitely recommend going slow while creating a Power Map. It does provide mind blowing visualization but it is dependent on the amount of memory one can leverage at any given point in time and can blow up if the resultant data set is way too large. The above examples were created using about 500 rows of data. I was way more cautious as I did not want to blow my machine again. But at the end of the day, the map was beyond imagination in terms of visualization of data points. Post a comment on this post if this has happened to you as well!!


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