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R - Notes

The following are basically my notes while studying R and is meant as a reference point for myself
Just a few pointers to anyone preparing for R or studying R: Take a quick look at your statistical math basics before proceedingBefore applying any formula on your base data, try to understand what the formula is and how it was derived (this will make it easier for one to understand)Use it in tangent with the Data Analysis in ExcelRefer to the cheat sheets available on the workbench for each moduleThere are best practices that can be incorporated while programming in RTry and jot notes when and where one can... Refer to existing data-sets embedded in R before jumping into a fileRefer to R programs written already in Azure ML
rnorm() by default has mean 0 and variance 1 head() has its own built in precision *default settings in R can be modified by the options() function example: options(digits = 15) #will display 15 digit…