Modern Day Messaging Patterns

Its been a few days now and I have been focused on understanding modern day messaging patterns for a problem I am trying to solve. I do know that there are existing server side tools like Active MQ, Rabbit MQ and even WMS that can do the trick and already have pre-defined patterns tested and validated for performance and security but in this case even though I am not trying to reinvent the wheel in terms of creating a new pattern or any of these server side products, I am definitely trying to understand the manner in which these products have been created and if I can actually leverage some of the principles in a server side application I am writing up. For example in modern based web application development, if .Net based, you have patterns like the one's defined here: Microsoft SOA patterns that do the neat tricks you would need. Man at times I feel I am going at 300 miles an hour without any crash guards: Code reviews, Custom product development, Customer Engagements, Team management, generating pipelines for my practices, reviewing and helping the team in analyzing problems, Big Data Workloads, Machine Learning,  my data science degree  etc... have consumed majority of my life for the past 2.5 years. Thank goodness I am going to be taking an extended break early next year for my brother's wedding. Here are the gist of things I am trying to solve though:

1. Dynamic reformatting of my messages
2. Integration with Machine Learning to collaborate with specific scientic models (pre created)
3. Templated messaging with dynamic parameterization
4. Distribution channel modification
5. AI Hub and Spoke messaging relay


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