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SSAS Cube issues ..... Incorrect Measure Values

Have you ever noticed that your measure value in SSAS do not correspond to the value in the data warehouse.... this is a big hindrance....because one is wasting precious development time in
extrapolating data between the cube and the warehouse. I am just going to create a checklist for issues to look at really quick if one does come across this issue!!!

Problem Statement:
Let us consider a Fact table called FactInternetSales with a fact called internetsalesamount
select sum(internetsalesamount) from FactInternetSales;
Let us say that this value is 25000.
Now if we run this against the cube .... lets call it Sales.
select measures].[internetsalesamount] on 0 from Sales;
Now the value returned from this query is 510......
Why is this happening? Now just follow the following checklist to ensure that you can rectify this issue as soon as one possibly can....
1. Go to the cube and in the [internetsalesamount] properties, change the aggregation value to count instead of sum. Validate w…