Meritocracy Vs Bureaucracy

A friend of mine asked me to watch this movie Aaarakshan (pretty bad movie except for Amitabh's performance) but the movie did have a moral to it though it turned out to become a complete Bollywood fiasco at the end. The concept of having a quota in place for people belonging to the backward communities is correct in a manner of speaking. But wait!!! this is not where I stand. I would actually prefer to have the quota system in place for people who are near the poverty belt and below. It does not make sense for a wealthy person who comes from a backward community to take the eay way out and place the trump card ("quota") when it comes to his or her relative battling it with others. Merit should be the ultimate winner here where people work hard and prove to the world that they can stand on their own two feet and not have everything handed to them in a platter. Maybe the UID (Unique identifier system) that is currently taking place in India would be a solution to figure out how and where an individual stands when it comes to the incomes of his or her family. Another key aspect here is to also keep regular tabs on the income limits of the families (we wouldn't want someone who won a lottery and became a millionaire to take advantage of the system). Population in India is a major problem for not able to justify such methods but we should try and enforce something that will eventually do good for India and all its people. A recent book by Chetan Bhagat Revolution 2020 also touches upon the same matter but shows it from a political view where scamming the youth into getting degrees from coleges put up by Politicians who siphon their black money through educational channels. Maybe the Lokpal bill should immediately take a look into such colleges and figure out how much do these trustees earn from such channels. A good take from the American educational system is to start different scholarships that will help individuals coming from poor families to get equal opportunities on a global platform. Start of with a 3 stage scholarship plan:
1. Amount of scholarships to be provided based on merit of student
2. Amount of scholarships to be provided based on th socio economic background of a student.
3. Amount of seats to be reserved to individuals who come from well to do families and need to pay their way through college (management seats) so that most of the payment amount will be utilized for the first two points and the remainder could be utilized for the welfare of the college itself.

Dedicated analysis of how these trends do take place in India in extremely important. Maybe someday someone will take a look at this posting and say "India did implement this system and I benefited from this the most!!". Only time will tell...


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