Sharepoint & SSRS integration Issues

Recently started working with Sharepoint 2010. PPS and excel services seemed pretty simple on the onset. Now while trying to integrate SSRS with share point 2010, I ran into this issue:
"Failed to establish connection with report server. Verify the server URL is correct or review ULS logs for more information. Product area: SQL Server Reporting Services, Category: Configuration Pages"
Man--> this was a mind boggler. Let me explain what I tried to do in order to eliminate this issue and still did not work:-
1. Opened the RSManager Config file (located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer if you have a 64 bit OS) and then changed the following
and changed it to Kerberos mode:
<RSWindowsNegotiate/> (acts as a intermediary between NTLM and RSWindowsKerberos))
This did not work

2. Added the report server URL i.e. https:///ReportServer
Nah... not yet
3. Was running the reporting services using the Network security authentication, changed it to my domain authentication for that server (I was the admin and had installed both SSRS and Sharepoint 2010 so this step was not necessary but I was breaking my head and had to try something out of the ordinary here....)
4. Tried doing the following stuff:
setspn -A http/servername domain\ishwarn
setspn -A https/servername:443 domain\ishwarn (For SSL)
Restarted SSRS at this juncture. This command basically just registers your account to the service principal i.e. it allows sharepoint to interact with the SSRS manager and vice versa. No Luck here....
5. Just thought of changing the RSManager Config file back to this setting:
Restarted SSRS service.... No luck here
6. Then went to the web.config file and added the machine key value there something along these lines:-
<machineKey validationKey="D93BFFDACD85A8E16E300BCD0DE10589B51F9275A5961FC2A5B7FC1BCC9590CC37130361A97CC01F2BDE49DB7131080A9FE6F55E3C636D5EA54351C8A0C4F19F"
validation="SHA1" decryption="AES"
/> Restarted SSRS service.... No luck what do I do now (losing my hair over this at this point)
7. Started going through several blogs and articles out there... Tried a lot of permutations and combinations deadend at this stage.
8. So I went ahead and reinstalled SQL server 2008 R2 and Sharepoint 2010. Tried to go ahead and create the integration with SSRS in sharepoint again and same issues.
9. Now whenever I tried the http:///ReportServer in the report manager URL I was coming across this error-->The operation you are attempting requires a secure connection (HTTPS).
10. At this point I talked with a sharepoint architect (back home in India) and he told me to remove the SSL related entries from Report congiguration manager and try again. So basically navigate to report configuration manager and then go to web service url and remove all the SSL related entries in the advanced window. Repeat it for Report Manager URL as well. Now I tried doing the same thing again but ran into the same issue. However this time around I just googled and found out that the entry for Key="SecureConnectionLevel" in the Rs Manager config file and noticed that the default entry was 3. I changed it to 0. Restarted SSRS service. Tried it again and now Thank Heavens ..... it worked!!!!! Yipee kai yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Do check out this post if you are struggling with such an issue and let me know if this worked for you in any manner.


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